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Hair + Makeup Prep

All the things you need to do to prepare your skin and hair, ready for your special day!

Please pass on all these tips and tricks to anyone who is receiving hair and makeup services on your wedding day

Makeup Prep

  • Keep up the hydration between now and your wedding day (skin prep and water intake)

  • No new skincare should be added to your routine within one (1) month of your wedding day, in case you have a reaction

  • Any waxing should be done at least one (1) week out from your wedding day, stray hairs can be tweezed on the day if needed

  • Blemishes can be easily covered, do not squeeze or pick as makeup will not adhere to open skin

  • Spray tanning should be done two (2) days before your wedding day, or whenever your professional tanner recommends

  • Ensure you are ready with a clean, makeup-free face before your makeup application

  • Make sure your teeth are brushed beforehand, as you won't be able to after your makeup has been applied

  • Ensure contact lenses (if required) are put in before your makeup has started

  • Please wear a button-down shirt or a robe to make it easier to get changed out of and into your dress (tip: wear a singlet or bandeau instead of a bra while you're getting ready to make sure you don't have strap marks on your shoulders or back)

Hair Prep

  • Please come with clean, dry hair 

  • Ensure hair colouring has already been done or done at least 48 hours in advance, to ensure there is no staining on the skin

  • Wash your hair 12-24 hours before your wedding day

  • Hair is to be washed with two shampoos (at the roots of your hair) and one conditioner (on the ends of your hair only)

  • Be sure to blowdry your hair upside down to give a little volume and make sure it is completely dry before you go to sleep on it

  • Do not straighten or put any product in your hair unless discussed prior

  • Any hair that needs to be blow-dried, unless discussed prior, will incur an $80 fee.

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